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we're back on wednesday morning, the 5th of september, 2012, taking a look outside you can see it has begun to rain out there. it's been predicted. mr. roker get it right again. >> i had no idea. you set them up -- >> here in the studio i'm matt lauer along with al roker and tamron hall helping us out when savannah is at the democratic convention in sharyl. still ahead "today's" professionals in the studio. >> prince harry, a cheating scandal and harvard and much
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more. fun finds for fall. matt and i were wondering where to get hip velvet jeans, cool nail colors and hottest looks in jewelry from our pal jill. >> in our next half hour the year's best hair products as well. first let's get a check of the morning's top stories. natalie standing by at the news desk. natalie. >> good morning, matt and al, tamron, everyone. tonight president clinton speaks at the democratic national convention formally placing the president's name in for the nomination. last night michelle obama gave a personal plea for her husband's re-election calling him the man we can trust, saying success isn't about how much money you make but the difference you make in people's lives. she also said her most important title is mom in chief. in brussels this morning, the u.s. embassy was evacuated while police and bomb disposal experts suspected one suspicious vehicle that contained a gas canister. police closed several main routes of the city and secured off the security zone around the
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embassy. today jury deliberations began in illinois in the case of police sergeant drew peterson. he's charged with first degree murder in the death of his third wife kathleen savio, three years before his fourth wife disappeared. the defense said prosecutors offered garbage evidence in the case. a new study finds many doctors may be giving up too soon when it comes to cpr. it finds giving cpr for just nine more minutes than the average amount gives patients a better chance of surviving. there are currently no clear guidelines for hospitals about how long to continue cpr. the study because published in the lancet. walmart is rolling back the fee for its holiday layaway program from $15 to $5 after customers complained the $15 fee it announced two weeks ago was too high. the nation's largest retailer says the fee will be refunded with a gift card when shoppers complete their payments.
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an unusual offer from a jewelry who says his stores are where atlanta gets engaged. the offer aimed at people who like to hunt, buy a diamond, buy a gun, a hunting rifle for free. the owner says if you want to stand out in this economy you have to make it fun. one longtime wedding planner says she's never seen anything like it. scientists say they are guardedly optimistic about four young pilot whales found stranded over the weekend on florida's east coast. they are getting round-the-clock care at florida atlantic's university's harbor branch institute for stress and respiratory problems. and the rolling stones announced plans to release a greatest hits collection to mark the group's upcoming 50th anniversary entitled g rcrrr. it will include four cd selection with 80 songs. include classics with new songs, including grrr.
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comes out november 13th. a new star on the hollywood walk of fame. ellen degeneres honored with her own star. she joked she spent her career trying to get people not to walk all over her. michelle obama nailed it at the convention. focus on her gray blue nails. some calling the shade unexpected, trendy. one person said it is sure to spark a craze if we ever figure out the shade and the brand she chose. matt, al, tamron, i'm going to take a stab at the name, "50 shades of grey." just putting it out there. one of the nail salons can call it. >> it's called fair and balanced. i'm not kidding. >> you can only put it on your right hand.
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>> wow. wow. wow. we went from bedroom reading to -- >> grrr. >> i've got a new album coming out. >> the older you get, the fewer syllables you need paragraph as far east as detroit, south of st. louis, super cell thunderstorms, hail and damaging winds. you can see they are already firing up from rhinelander, wisconsin all the way down to st. louis. rainfall one to three, as much as four inches of rain from rochester, minnesota, all way to te >> good morning. another warm and humid start. some storms could drop locally heavy amounts of rain.
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and that's your latest weather. tamron. >> al, thank you. now to this morning's edition of "today's" professionals. here to weigh in star jones, donny deutsch and dr. nancy snyderman. good morning. >> i have my eyes closed. >> so rude. you leave it to her to dispose of it. >> like a man. >> moving on, like a woman, a strong woman, michelle obama's speech last night. i've read some of the reaction not just from democrats, not from liberals, republicans. michael steele said, quote, it was a hell of a speech. what do you say, star. >> i say 100%. my favorite line, women are more than capable of making decisions about their bodies and their
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health care. >> that's her political response to the speech. it was not supposed to be a partisan speech. it was supposed to be about emotions. >> that is emotional for me especially when it comes to health care. for a woman to be able to make choices about her own health care in every aspect, that's one of the most important things to me. >> what struck me she walked out a very different person four years ago, she was somewhat reluctant, accepted this, talking about her hesitation about the white house. this was a confident woman who strode onto that set podium very aware of who she was, what she needed to do. it was an electrifying speech. my only concern is that why she's a phenomenal orator. i don't want this to be two moms battling it out. the stay at home mom, wealthy, with five boys.
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these are two women who do what they have to do. the dnc choreographed better. >> i didn't see one person who tried to juxtapose it as ann versus michelle. >> i have to tell you, i'm going to sound a little jaded here. if i'm somebody who is going to maybe going to lose my home, worried about my choice of my body. nobody is voting for first ladies. >> you're wrong. >> you're wrong. >> you're wrong. >> can i just finished. >> no. >> are you being star? >> yes. >> this is a 1950s sensibility. he is the ceo of the united states. nobody is -- no boards are electing ceos based on their wife. it's one thing if it's a horrible wife, horrible man. guys, this is such a clear choice. they are both wonderful women. you're not voting for a first lady. >> no, we're not voting for a first lady but you're voting for a situation that says to america, this is my vision and this is my partner. >> that's not the woman. >> this is --
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>> i disagree with you. i think people do vote for the partnership, whether you want to intellectualize it or not. if you believe there's pillow osmosis, and i believe there is pillow osmosis, people, they talk. >> on both sides, republican and democrat we saw first ladies criticized, nancy reagan criticized for being too involved, we know hillary clinton was criticized for being too involved. there is something to be said about the person on your side. if she can't tell you, no one can sell you. >> both great ladies. the choices for the presidents are very stark, not based on the first lady. >> i disagree. >> i think most people disagree with you. >> so much is said by the person you choose to live your life with. bye. you can go. >> i'm visiting and i say bye. >> the woman knows her man. >> donny could not be more wrong. another popular woman, betty white, dnc's golden girl.
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an online petition. they want betty white to be the counter to clint eastwood. this guy is concerned clint eastwood gave elderly people a bad name with what he did. you're the elderly one, go ahead, donny. >> i don't think they will do it. i think the republicans fell on their face with the clint eastwood thing. it looks like a stunt. trivialized it. betty white is beloved. if i was producing i would not do it. >> too much going on, too many issues to discuss, too many people we want to discuss them. as much as i want to see betty white, i don't want to see her at the dnc. >> i would not counter something that didn't go well. i wouldn't enter that space. >> i think that's why there's only 12,000 figures on it. >> prince harry. >> bless his heart. >> what does that mean? >> it's in the south when somebody says bless his heart. >> i know what it means. it's a backhanded compliment.
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you messed up but we still like you. >> i'm going to reference alec baldwin, he did the ridiculous thing at the airport in the stewardess, he turned it around. >> they call them flight attendants now. >> someone got too much estrogen. >> makes him human, the fact he can make fun of it. this the road map to how to come back electric something. reference it and say oops and have fun with it. >> comes back at a charity event. the little boy said he was going to bring it up and said i'm glad you've got your clothes on, prince harry, he offsided them. >> there's no way for these young men to act like young men and be rabble-rousers. they have a double life. >> you're the best of both worlds you're the prince and don't have to worry about being king. get your party on. don't worry about it.
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>> this is a bawdy bunch of women today. >> what you asked for. >> harvard cheat sheet, a cheating scandal at harvard, "time" magazine talking about it as well. the pressure so many students are under to perform at a high level. many resorting to cheating on tests. as many as 200 kids at harvard under investigation. >> this was a take home test, 125 kids charged. the question is are the rules antiquated, should there be collaboration. this seems to be an issue of cheating. the concern everyone should have is what kind of template this serves as later in life when you take credit for other people's work. >> an issue about lying in our society. >> you look at the med yarks television movies, sometimes we romanticize cheating. the rebel is looking at the pretty girl's test and whatnot. we romanticize gangsters in our society, bonnie and clyde. it happens in real life. obviously it's wrong.
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i'm not surprised though. >> the rules are the rules. the rules say this is a take home test. you may look at anything you want but you may not collaborate with someone else. what part of that did you not get? >> cheating didn't start yesterday. people used to write answers on their home. >> take home test. >> you're asking to cheat. >> there are codes of ethics, honor codes these kids have to sign. i think the really interesting thing is what does harvard do with 125 kids who may have cheated. do you send them home? do you want to keep the tuition, yes. >> one-year sprenuspension. >> not going to happen. >> speaking of harvard, mark zuckerberg screwed his partner, cheated him out of it and he's the entrepreneur of society. >> i'm happy you're sitting next to a lawyer. >> thank you donny, dr. nancy. >> you're not going to be basing your opinion on a movie because you're not going to get the rest of us sued. >> advice after the commercial.
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i thought you'd say that. ah. ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ you're the best! wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. ♪ ... is folgers in your cup! >> on jill's fun finds, fall fashion ideas both trendy and functional. a contributor to "today" and "us weekly" out with its annual style issue this week. jill, good morning. >> good morning. >> starting off fall fun finds you look fall cas with this funky vest. >> i'm going to show you muff things as staples, i think a puffy vest is one of them. under $100 most of the things i'm showing. i think it's a great transitional item, cute to throw on day to night. >> looks very good on you. okay. you can pair that with a cool pair of velvet or corduroy
9:18 am
jeans. >> need dark jeans, velvet, corduroy, $98, velvet or corduroy, a great second pair of jeans. pick your favorite color. if you don't love midsection wear a bright colored jeans, wear a tunic. >> love these colors here. fun with polka dots. another trend we're seeing these days. >> we saw michelle obama in polka dot dress and j. crews. polka dots aren't for everyone. there's a way to get in on this with a cell phone case or socks. just get in on it a little bit. if it's not your thing pick up a scarf, sweater, blouse. >> hats are making a comeback. >> i love hats. hat attack starting at $70. >> how do we wear it, like that so i can see. let's cover your eyes. >> how cute you look on the wild side. >> it's fun. >> that's hat attack. >> that is a way to have fun and
9:19 am
make a statement. now take it off your head. >> next trend here, great bags. satchels. >> rachel roy. clutches are very big for during the day. if you want to pick up an oversized clutch, $69 to $89, a great way to make your statement with purse or bag. these are great also, under $100 for the day. another way to pop your outfit. >> okay. what should we be looking for when it comes to jewelry, tortoise. >> i want to show tortoise shell jewelry very in, starting at $42. pick up a little piece. i love this as a transitional jewelry as well. you're able to wear it summer into fall to winter. >> leopard with tortoise? >> yes. >> okay. now for the little ones. look how cute. >> this is burt's bees baby, they launched at target 100% organic cotton line. feel this. it's great. look at the onesies, at target
9:20 am
100% organic target, comes packaged. also a beautiful gift. you can pick it up at target which i love. >> fantastic. over here some shoes for the little ones, too. toms has gone smaller. >> tiny toms, $29. these are really big. my friends kids are picking up their toms. this is new for the fall. >> sweet. >> okay. nail polish trends. let's talk about michelle osh's, have you figured out what she's wearing? everybody wants to know. >> blueish gray, these are by essie. >> i think it will be obama mama. you said "50 shades of grey." >> a bluish tint. >> another way to make it pop. that's from last night. >> we'll find out soon enough. whoever put out the nail polish. >> very soon. >> from your body to your home. >> this is one of my favorites
9:21 am
and a huge celebrity favorite, kai. they are launching a shampoo and conditioner. this is fabulous. this is launching for fall nicole kidman, mila, now shampoo and conditioner out for the fall. >> lotion or shampoo. >> that's shampoo on your hands. a little washing after my segment. who knows. >> like to end our fun finds with something sweet. >> let me give you this. there's red velvet in here somewhere and chocolate chips. sprinkles known for their cupcakes now starting in july started shipping ice cream. it got here right before the segment. starting at $10, ice cream, dry ice. what a great gift. now cupcakes. >> that's yummy, mint chocolate chip. jill martin as always, thank you. thanks for everything. >> thank you. >> more tile tips. if you want more style tips, be sure to check out special issue
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. temperature will be above average today. we will make it into the upper 80s this afternoon. scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible lead on today as well. as we head through the next couple of days, temperature goes up. 20% on thursday and friday. 20% on thursday and friday. another chance
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take this fascinating muller yogurt. frut up. means "fruit up."
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creamy yogurt down below. delectable, layer of fruity, moussey, uppiness on top. frut up. as the europeans say. in their language. wow. you really are bilingual. [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy. >> i find what we have is a show that's really out there saying, hey, if you're looking for something different, give us a shot. >> he survived 25 seasons of "survivor," now jeff probst is track ling daytime tv tackling everything from relationships to hollywood. we'll talk to him tomorrow on "today." i'm natalie morales along with al roker and tamron hall. hard to believe 25 seasons of "survivor." >> a number of his audience gets voted off the island. it's kind of rough. coming up internet style sensations, the fowler sisters are here. millions logon to to get their fashion and beauty tips.
9:31 am
this morning they will share fall fashion tips for us. then are you saving enough for your retirement? what can you do today if you're not. advice on the money 911 team. >> all about the hair. how do you feel about that? >> i love it. i love it. >> i can't talk. i've got barely as much as you do. going to look at hair products of the year including the help for the pixie cut and long, lovely locks. >> i like the pixie cut. first a check of the weather. >> for today, strong forms firing up from the upper midwest all the way down into lower illinois and indiana. we're expecting plenty of heat out west from texas into the southwest, beautiful in the pacific northwest. looking ahead toward tomorrow, risk of strong storms in the mid plains, sunny and warm northeast in new england, sizzling texas into the gulf coast. southwest looking pretty warm. >> good morning. beaut
9:32 am
it will be another soupy day. a few rain showers this morning . are you feeling something tingly, something electric? that's because, that's right, that's because it's time for the nfl kickoff special on nbc. tamron is all tingly right now. metlife stadium partly cloudy skies and warm as they come in to take on the giants. temperature up to 70 to the low 80s. get your tingle on boys and girls, it's nbc nfl kickoff
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night in america. >> i don't know what to say to that. >> i think that's been obvious for a while. >> thank god the cowboys are playing. that explains the tingle for me anyway. up next -- >> fashion forecast. >> first these messages. [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings. that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel.
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at the hottest trends for the fall. beauty and style experts, youtube channel is viewed each month. author of this novel. good morning. >> good morning. >> before weg to the fashion forecast let's talk about the book, "beneath the glitter" getting out of your comfort zone but still deals with the fashion world. why did you want to write a novel together? >> i've always been a huge reader. writing a novel was a dream of mine that wasn't really tangible. we thought it would be a fun project, we're sisters, work together, live together. why not write a book about our travels and fantasize and make things up as well. >> a little bit of a west coast gossip girl. >> gossip for the hollywood intern life a little bit. >> good. i like that description. sounds fun.
9:38 am
let's talk about fall fashion trends. a color we're seeing a lot of is yellow. not sort of that sunshiny yellow. right? what are you seeing? >> it's a little more in the mustard tones. this fall we are going to see a little bit of the bright yellow. most of the time you think spring and summer for that. but this fall we're actually seeing a little bit of a brighter look. >> as we see on some of the celebrities there, that is a bright color. looks good paired with gray, other tones. jennifer hudson, nicole ritchie in gorgeous yellow. any other favorites there? i guess we just see this top is really cute. >> it's a structure and silhouette that's really this season. >> also has texture with that shirt, which for fall is all about the rich textures, velvets, for that one pulls the trends in together and brings a
9:39 am
summery yellow shirt into the fall. >> another thing we're seeing talking about hair trends is the fishtail braid which sounds complicated to do but a lot of celebrities sporting the style. >> it's not complicated. >> if you have long hair like you, you can pull it off. >> it's not that complicated. i think it gives you a little bit of a different texture than the typical three-strand braid we've been seeing for years and years and years. we like it's a little more unique. you can keep it a little more sleek for a dressy look or do it kind of wild for a casual date. >> very pretty. leona lewis in that picture. >> yes. >> another trend is western instead of bo ho. is the bohemian trend over now? >> i don't think bo ho is gone. we're just seeing more western inspired pieces this fall and a little more toned down. we're seeing picking one thing or two tiny accessories and taking a dress or top maybe you
9:40 am
wouldn't think is necessarily western inspired and kind of making it a little western instead of going completely bo ho like we've seen in the past. >> on miley cyrus, just the top and some accessories perhaps and reese witherspoon here, i guess, the boots. you can take parts of the trend and go full on trend. >> you don't have to go all the way down to the boots. >> unless you're a cowboy. >> as we see on the mannequins here. more subtle ways to work the trend in there. >> yes. >> all right. thank you girls so much. >> thank you. coming up next, worried you're not putting away enough money for retirement. our 911 team is here to help us out right after this. want to give your family more vitamins, omega 3s,
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9:44 am
david bach, "debt free for life." and host of financially fit on yahoo!.com. good to see everybody. let's start off on the phones. we'll head to livingston, new jersey. we've got elise on the line. good morning, elise. >> good morning. >> what's your retirement question? >> i'm in my mid-30s with two young children. i was wondering what percentage of my salary i should start putting away every month for retirement. >> all right. that's a pretty darn good question. we're going to have jean take that one. >> all righty, terrific. if you can get to 10% in your mid-30s you're going to be doing a really good job. the good news is if you work for a company that has matching dollars, those count to the 10%. it's not as if -- if your company puts away 5 and you put away 5, you're there. you don't have to worry about doing more. a lot of people get stuck and
9:45 am
say, whoa, i can't do 10% right away. start with 2%. that's the amount people don't notice. then every six months nudge it up by another 2%. eventually you'll get to the 10% and you'll be there. >> thanks so much. good luck, elyse, thank you. we're going to skype now. let's check in with tiffany skyping in from kirkland, washington. good morning, tiffany. >> good morning. >> hi, what's your question? >> yeah. my husband works as a contractor and he doesn't have options currently for a 401(k). i was wondering what is the best way to capitalize on the little bit of money we have in an i.r.a. >> david, how do you build on that. >> because he's a contractor, what i would recommend is instead of an ira, open up a self-employed retirement account, accept i.r.a. he's self-employed, a huge
9:46 am
advantage being a contractor. he can put up to $50,000 away tax deductible. with i.r.a., only $5,000 tax deductible. as jean said, 10% of his gross in corks upwards of 25%. i would roll over i.r.a. to accept, put more than $5,000 away. >> thanks for the question, tiffany. we're going to the phone lines now, beverly checking in. she's calling out west from california. hi, beverly. >> hi, how are you? >> i'm going great. how are you and what's your question? >> as a retired senior i'm looking for a legitimate online business or part-time job that can be done outside of the home. what resources or companies can you recommend? >> this is a really popular question. we get this all the time on financially fit. did you know people over the age of 65, one in five are either
9:47 am
work are or looking for work. she is like many americans right now. legitimate websites i think you should check out, one is beverly, this is a site that's constantly updating its database for senior friendly companies and postings there. also depending on what you want to do, be a little entrepreneurial, a great site is if you want to tutor people on your own time, video chats, make between $10 and $14 at home. run tasks for your neighbors, as you're running around doing tasks for yourself. pays $40 to $50 per task. if you want something more technical at home at the computer, data entry, fact checking, is a great source as well for finding pay, great paying jobs from the convenience of your home. i think it's great that's where you are mind-set is at. let's face it, when you're in your 60s you're not ready to
9:48 am
throw in the towel and you need money. >> and you've got to stay active. back to the phones. sharita calling in from binghamton new york. hi, sharita. >> hi, al, good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm from new york and want to know what independent retirement savings plan should i invest in for future security since i do not work a traditional job. >> all right, sharita, david talked about the accept i.r.a. the other one to look at is a solo 401(k). again, unlike a roth i.r.a. or traditional i.r.a., these allow you to put away more money than you can put into those accounts. the difference is if you have employees or if you don't have employees. so if you don't have employees, then you want to look at the solo 401(k). if you do the accept i.r.a. get going so it will add up and work for you.
9:49 am
>> thanks so much. thanks to everybody. for those of you on the east coast. she's sticking around for a live web chat on up
9:50 am
9:51 am
this morning on "today's" beauty, this year's best products for your hair, "prevention" magazine has done the legwork for you annual beauty awards. prevention beauty director, jennifer, good morning. >> good morning. >> time to whip our hair back and forth. i love it. you went through 1700 products and six were standouts. that's a long list to go through. >> we narrowed down finalists with chemists, dermatologists and sent some of these products to independent testing labs where they put them on the hair, showers and combing to see which ones really help keep your hair
9:52 am
healthy as well as beautiful. >> what they promised. let's start out with the best hairspray. why is this the best? >> l'oreal ever style is neat because it doesn't have alcohol. a lot have alcohol so it's drying. the more you use it, the frizzier it gets, ends dried out. this is moisturizing. we sent this to prevention readers at home. they use it in the morning and lasted all day. stayed put. >> keep spritzing through the day. love that. next up, shampoo, this says super shiny. that is the case? >> yes, it will make your hair super shiny. the key is it doesn't have sulfates. you probably hear a lot about sulfates. surfactants that cleanse hair but make color fade. it's without those, helps keep it moisturized. also mango nut oil. >> what does that do. >> shiny, moisturized, hydrated. all natural. >> still smell good. >> a fruit scent but from
9:53 am
natural sources. >> citrus clean. very nice. moving on to conditioners. why did this one stand out? >> this clear scalp and hair therapy conditioner is neat. a zink complex. this the kind of conditioner you put throughout, massage your scalp and make it healthier. >> a treatment with that in it makes it grow as well. >> promotes scalp health, sunflower oil. put it through the lab, a comb through it 100 times to see how it does, makes combing hair four to five times easier, that means no shedding, hair loss. >> home color, a real pain if you don't get the right thing. >> there's lots of things to choose from with couture colors. ammonia-free, great for allergies. an oil from the brazilian rain
9:54 am
forest helps the color last longer, wraps around the hair strands. it had 45% less color loss than other dyes. the more you wash your hair, the color will stay. >> which is the hard thing. you wish it, two washings later you're doomed. volumizer. >> this is great. a lot of old mousses were crunchy and had alcohol. this one is like -- squirt it and see how it goes. like a whipped cream, a creamy fixture, polymers that wrap around strands and makes them thicker. builds at the root, lots of volume. >> working for you. i like it. >> porcupine. moving on my sticking up hair to smooth it out. >> that's the thing, volume or smooth. for the women with frizzies,
9:55 am
want to smooth, this nexus is great. what it does, wraps around the ends and seals split ends together. 86% of split end. somebody counted, i met him, i know. >> what would you use it for specifically. >> put this on damp hair, smooth it out so before you below dry it won't frizz. if you have split ends they can look fried. this smooth them down so it's shiny. >> thank you. got music ending the show. just ahead kathie lee and hoda cook up some $10. [ harry umlaut ] here we go.
9:56 am
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